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Give your Subrogation Cases the second degree  

Our Mission

Inventors choose patent lawyers with a science background. Businesses choose lawyers with an accounting or business degree. They do it for good reason - superior results. Call it the POWER OF THE SECOND DEGREE.

Now property insurers can choose a subrogation lawyer with the right background an electrical engineering degree. They too can exert the power of the second degree.

I have an electrical engineering degree, a law degree and over 20 years of applying my background to property subrogation matters. My approach to subrogation is a thoughtful, measured and reasoned approached, that blends respect for opponents, judges and the system with aggressive lawyering.

My results speak for themselves. I am committed to maximizing your recoveries through personal service, creative lawyering and technical analysis. Let me and my associates give your property subrogation matters THE SECOND DEGREE.

Steven L. Smith

Our Mission

September 2011
Persuaded Pa. Superior Court to permit claims to proceed against alarm company.
October 2010
W.D.Pa. Agrees with Plaintiff that Pa. Statute of Repose Does Not Bar Claims for Unlawful Conduct.