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Results That Make A Difference

Let's face it. We're all in this for results.

Maximum recoveries, in the minimum amount of time, and at the minimum cost. That is what we do. Here are only a few of the notable results we have achieved for our clients:

° Avoided the Statute of Repose in a $4 million case by persuading the Court that the defendants' building code violations stripped them of statutory protection.

° Won a jury verdict in Pennsylvania in a multimillion dollar case where we proved that the fire was caused by spontaneous combustion of rags soaked with linseed oil.

° Won a seven-figure settlement in an Ohio gas explosion case against a gas utility company for not properly protecting a gas regulator from impact damage.

° Reached an eight-figure settlement in a case arising from the collapse of a pre-engineered metal building under the weight of ice and snow.

° First to identify design defect in an entire line of electric baseboard heaters, which were later recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

° Elicited admission from a product designer that his design was faulty and could cause the fire in the way we claimed.

° Elicited admission on the record from an electrical engineering Ph.D. that in his expert report, he misapplied a crucial provision of the National Electric Code.

° Persuaded courts to preclude defense experts from testifying because they did not meet the Daubert standards.


September 2011
Persuaded Pa. Superior Court to permit claims to proceed against alarm company.
October 2010
W.D.Pa. Agrees with Plaintiff that Pa. Statute of Repose Does Not Bar Claims for Unlawful Conduct.