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Give your Subrogation Cases the second degree  

We give your Subrogation cases THE SECOND DEGREE

All lawyers have a law degree. But in specialized legal fields, a law degree may not be enough. Inventors choose patent lawyers with a science background. Businesses seek lawyers who have an MBA or an accounting degree. They do it for good reason Impressive results. Now property insurers can use the THE SECOND DEGREE too by using a subrogation lawyer with an electrical engineering degree. See how we can make a degree of difference in your recoveries. Read More°

Results That Make A Difference

Let's face it. We're all in this for results.

Maximum recoveries, in the minimum amount of time, and at the minimum cost. That is what we do. Here are only a few of the notable results we have achieved for our clients. See Results°

Working with the Experts

Lawyers are taught not to challenge opposing experts on the substance of their opinions, just to challenge the facts on which the opinions are based. With our technical knowledge, we reject that approach, and tackle opposing experts head on. This comprehensive approach has produced some impressive results. Read More°

A Degree of Difference

September 2011
Persuaded Pa. Superior Court to permit claims to proceed against alarm company.
October 2010
W.D.Pa. Agrees with Plaintiff that Pa. Statute of Repose Does Not Bar Claims for Unlawful Conduct.